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Won Chemical Co.,Ltd. has developed and manufactured Expoxy insulation Mold material, adhesive, and Expoxy Modified Uv Resin, widely used in electric and electronic fields.
Based on the accumulated technologies and know-how, it has done its best to supply high quality products and chemical products. In addition it is trying to localize import-depending products; SMD adhesive, Underfill resin for BGA/CSP, Resin for Clear Compound and Cob. It promises that it will achieve accomplishments in electric and electronic fields with high quality and competitive price. Keep your eyes on Won chemical and give any advice or comment.


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Apr. 1997.
  Established corporation
Jul. 1997.
  Selected as a technology-innovation company
Nov. 1997.
  Obtained permission to manufacture SMD adhesive.
Dec. 1997.
   Designated to be a Small-sized company
Jul. 1998.
  Obtained permission to manufacture EPOXY for LED (Optical electricity)
Nov. 1998.
  Obtained permission to manufacture Clear Compound (Optical electricity)
Dec. 1999.
  Obtained permission to build factory for Co-operation project for Small & Medium Enterprises
Nov. 2000.
  Built factory
Dec. 2000.
  Obtained permission to manufacture resin for PAM IC (L.G InnoTech)
Feb. 2001.
  Obtained permission to manufacture resin for BGA UNDERFILL (LG Electronic Co.,,Ltd.)

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0.7 billion won

0.5 billion won


أق 0.12 billion won

أق China, Russia

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